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Small Cabbage Rose Vintage Lavender

Krinkley Edge Ribbon

Lavender and Yellow Stuff

Pink Stuff

Sparkle Ombre Ribbon

Rag Tag Collage French

Rag Tag Collage Rodeo Gals

Rag Tag Collage Snow Cherub with Eggs

Rag Tag Collage Paper Flower

Taffeta Ribbon with Sequins Trim

Wide and Narrow Gypsy Silk Ribbon

Heavily Beaded Motifs 2 SUPER BARGAIN

Natural Cotton Lace

Tea Dyed Venise Lace

Taffeta Ribbons Baby Pink, Iridescent Yellow, Pewter

Boho Yoke 2 - 99721 SUPER BARGAIN

Boho Yoke 3 99721 SUPER BARGAIN

Three Baby Blue Cuties

Ivory and Champagne Beaded Trim 70037

Steampunk Trim Piece 99603

Boho a Beaded Piece 99696

Boho Yoke 99721 SUPER BARGAIN

Bag of Big Beaded Beauties

Silk Shibori Dragonfly Kit

Two Layer Organdy Posies

Antiqued Posy

Brown Organdy Flower

Iris Satin Posy

Loopy Ribbon Posies

Organdy and Sequin Flowers

Organdy and Sequin Flowers 2

Organdy and Sequin Flowers 3

Organdy Cuties - Brown Rose

Organdy Cuties - Fall Mix

Organdy Cuties - Gumdrops

Organdy Cuties - Pink

Organdy Cuties - Pastel

Organdy Cuties - Rose Red

Organdy Cuties - Spring

Large Organdy Flower with Sequin Eddge

Organdy Ruffley Posies

Organdy Shaded Carnations

Rag Tag Posies 7

Silky Type Posies

Tiny Organdy Posies

Tiny Ribbon Daisies

Velvet Double Posies

Velvet Posies Six Colors

Boho Beaded Yoke 99492 B SUPER BARGAIN

Boho Beaded Yoke 99492 C SUPER BARGAIN

Steampunk Crystal Trim 99698

Boho Woven Beaded Trim 99699

Boho Beaded Yoke 997221 SUPER BARGAIN

Boho Beaded Yoke 997222 SUPER BARGAIN

Boho Beaded Yoke 997223 SUPER BARGAIN

Ribbons and Rosies 4 & 5

Teeny Tiny Pack of Posies

Beaded Organdy Ribbon

Beaded Organdy Ribbon - Pale Mauve

Beaded Organdy Ribbon - Aqua

Beaded Organdy Ribbon - Wild Rose

Raku Buttons

Raku Leaves and Faces

Czech Glass Button 264, 265 SUPER BARGAIN

Four Czech Buttons

Czech Glass Buttons 774, 775, 776 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Button RB184 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Button RB212 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Glass Button 282 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Glass Button 287 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Glass Button RB297 SUPER BARGAIN

Collage Lady 1

Collage Lady 2

Collage Lady 3

Collage Lady 4

Collage Lady 6 - Lady with Pink Roses

Collage Lady 7 - Lady with Big Blue Dress

White Fabric Eyelet B

French General Christmas Fabric

French Toweling Black/Natural

Double Sided Satin and Polka Dots

Silk Velvet and Organdy Fabric - Pieced

Fabulous Beaded Piece

Black Trim with Matte Gold Sequin Flowers FOF22

Coral Rose Gold Rococco Trim FOF40

Flag Ribbon

Christmas Fancy Pack

Hand Dyed Scrim - Sun Glow

Hand Dyed Scrim - Vintage Teadye

Full Page Really Cute Kids

Full Page Vintage Brides

Iron On Heart Natural

White Embroidered Tulip Iron On

Jade Taffeta Ribbon 915

Judith & Kathryn Silk Prints - Trailing Roses

Linen Lady Gypsy

Linen Lady Pink Roses

Linen Lady Pink and Blue

Linen Square with Delicate Lady

Linen Square with Deco Lady

Leafy Things and Ribbon Rounds

Matte Gold Beaded Trim

18" Wide Burlap Ribbon/Fabric

Antiqued Metal Clip

Buffalo Check Burlap

Black Venise Lace Frame

Collage Cuts - Blue Gray

Collage Cuts - Rose

Lacy Zippers

Precious Linen Squares 3

Precious Linen Squares 4

Paper Napkin

Tiny Linen Squares 1

Tiny Linen Squares 2

Narrow Picot Grosgrain Too

Natural Ribbon with Velvet Dots

Open Venise Lace Heart

Printed Grosgrain 2

Ivory/Gold Pom Pom Trim

Three Variegated Silk Ribbons

Adorable Gathered Ribbon

Czech Glass Buttons 1370 and 1384

Diecut Ribbon Daisies

Double Sided Iridescent Ribbon 3

Embroidered Floral Organdy Ribbon

Red Flowers

Fringed Burlap Ribbon

Fringed Burlap Ribbon Too

Grey Ribbon with Pink Flowers

Black Ribbon with Pink White and Grey Flowers

Ecru Ribbon with Fall Colored Flowers

Sage Ribbon with Fall Colored Flowers

French Ombre Ribbon A

Flamingos and Palm Leaves

Feather Ribbons

French Sheer Ombre Ribbon RG1537

Raggedy Linen Like Ribbon

Metallic Floral Woven Ribbon 4

Metallic Floral Glitter Ribbon - Light Blue

Peacocks and Pinecones

Peachy Coral Pom Pom Trim

Pom Pom Trims

Ribbon Embroidery FOF21 Pale Lilac

Ribbon Embroidery FOF21 Pink

Ribbon Winder with Two Yards Ribbon

Striped Burlap Ribbon

Soft Lineny Ribbon

Silk Ribbon, Two Variegated Colors

Sparkle Ribbon and Pom Poms

Rag Tag Collage Le Roses SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage Daisy SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage Icy Blue Gray with Button SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Heart Pin - 2124 SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage Sweet As A Rose SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage Daisies in Hair SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage Little Girl SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Rag Tag Collage with Blue Ticking SORRY, THIS IS SOLD

Tangerine Ribbon

Very Wide Fabulous Taffeta Ribbon

Wide Silky Floral Ribbon

Beaded Triangles 1624 SUPER BARGAIN

Beaded Triangles 1624 Too SUPER BARGAIN

Small Beaded Motif 1637B - SUPER BARGAIN

Three Soft Trims - SUPER BARGAIN

Sequined Organdy Ribbon 77601 SUPER BARGAIN

Burgundy Trim in Two Widths SUPER BARGAIN

Metallic Embroidered Motif 77773 SUPER BARGAIN

Beaded Metallic Piece 99498 Silver Rose SUPER BARGAIN

Beaded Metallic Piece 99498 Ivory Gold SUPER BARGAIN

Beaded Metallic Piece 99498 White Silver SUPER BARGAIN

Really Big Steampunk Piece 99577 SUPER BARGAIN

Steampunk Beaded Trim 99625 SUPER BARGAIN

Black Floral Venise Lace SUPER BARGAIN

Beaded Organdy Ribbon 76882

Boho Woven Trim 99584

Braid with Ribbon SUPER BARGAIN

Georgeous Yoke 76518

Lavender Blue Ombre Ribbon Trim FOF13 SUPER BARGAIN

Metallic Embroidered Trim 77781 SUPER BARGAIN

Narrow Embroidered Trim 77778 SUPER BARGAIN

Pale Lavender Venise Lace SUPER BARGAIN

Pointy Motifs 77736 SUPER BARGAIN

Czech Button RB1405 SUPER BARGAIN

CzechButtonl RB165 SUPER BARGAIN



Red Sequin Trim

Steampunk Motif 99574

SteampunkMotif 99575 SUPER BARGAIN

Scalloped Organdy Ribbon 77655 SUPER BARGAIN

Steampunk Woven Trim 99589


Vintage Lilac Metallic Embroidered Yoke 77407 SUPER BARGAIN

White Venise Lace Teardrop SUPER BARGAIN

Hand Dyed Velvet Ribbon - Butterfly

Handmade Raggedy Trim - Fuchsia Etc.

Mango Ribbon and Black Edge

Hand Dyed Rayon and Ruffley Ribbons - Honeydew

Hand Dyed Rayon and Ruffley Ribbons - Mushroom

Spare Parts, Irish Creme

Spare Parts Songbird

Silky Hand Dyed Ric Rac - Canyon

Silky Hand Dyed Ric Rac - Dark Vintage

Silky Hand Dyed Ric Rac - Songbird

Silky Hand Dyed Ric Rac - Watercolors

Suede Ribbon Vintage Manuscript

Sparkle Trim

Sunflower Ribbon

Sari Silk Ribbon - Antique

Sari Silk Ribbon - Beach House

Sari Silk Ribbon - Heather

Sari Silk Ribbon - Mango

Sari Silk Ribbon - Olive Tree

Sari Silk Ribbon - Speckled Kenya

Sari Fabric Taupe Black/Rose

Sari Tie

Two Natural Braids

Two Ric Racs

Two White Venise Laces

Silver and Gold Beaded Trim 9305

Black Re Embroidered Lace

Clear Beaded Trim - Silver/Clear 77777

Crochet Hearts and Squares

Dove/Blue Beaded Trim

Embroidered Trim with Stones

Ombre Braid with Pink Flowers FOF17

Braided Trim - Red FOF29

Braided Trim - Silver FOF30

Braided Trim - Pink FOF31

Braided Trim - Blue FOF33

Rococo Braid Trim FOF 35 and FOF 36

Rosebud Rococco Trim FOF41

Giant Ric Rac

Hand Dyed Cotton Fringe - Gray Skies

Hand Dyed Cotton Fringe - Peaches

Hand Dyed Cotton Fringe - Victorian

Hand Dyed Picot Trim - Buckskin

Heavy Lace

Ivory Beaded and Embroidered Trim 7065

Mocha Corded Trim and Napkin

Narrow Beaded Organdy Trim 77729

Narrow Eyelet Lace

Narrow Sequin Trim 76850

Narrow Beaded Organdy Trim 77729

Pearl Beaded Trim 70041

Pom Pom Ric Rac

Pale Venise Lace

Rose/Brown/Ivory Rococo Trim FOF28

Silver Beaded Trim 9228

Scalloped Edge Lace on Tulle

Chenille Brush


Tiny Cord Trim 70001

Taupe/Gold Braided Trim

Tiny Loopy Braid NEW COLOR

Three Black Trims

Venise Lace Butterfly Off White

Venise Lace Fringe Gray

Venise Lace Flowers

Vintage Pearl Trim

Very Wide White Lace

White Venise Lace Waves

Wide White Venise with Roses

Vintage Embroidered Organdy

Gunmetal/Blue Venise Lace

Velvet Leaves--Light Green Shaded

Vibrant Rose Venise Lace

Shaded Fabric Leaves

Wide Wired Burlap

Wide Wired Burlap Too


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